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Mandurah Solar Power
Mandurah Solar Power
Mandurah Solar Power
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Solar Power Infomation

Solar Power Rebates

When getting solar power installed you are entitled to a rebate. At Blue Knight we take care of all this for you to make it a very smooth proccess. Our prices shown are all you will pay for your system.

How much are the rebates?

On a 1.5 kw system you save $1,154

On a 3 kw system you save $2,307

On a 5 kw system you save $3,461

Based on STC's @ $37.1

This can fluctuate and will affect the price of our systems


How much power is produced

Depending on where you live depends on how much power your solar system will produce. Below is a table from clean energy council showing performance estimates


How much will solar power save me?

Depending on how you use your solar will affect how much you save of each bill. At Blue Knight we will provide you with a graph designed specifically for your house that will estimate how much you will save for each month. To give you an idea, below is graph for a 1.5 kw, 2 kw, 3 kw, 4 kw and 5kw installed on a north facing roof. If you are able to use 75% of your generated solar power and only send 25% of the excess solar power generated back to the grid then you should save close to whats on the graph for that size system, for that month. Most billing cycles are for two months. So add 2 months together and that is what you will save! of each bill.

Solar power feed in tariffs

For domestic customers on the home plan A1 any excess power you generate from your solar power system Synergy will pay you 8.859c. If you use more power than your system is generating then you will have to pay 25.09c


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